5 Tips to Choose the Right Facial Cleanser for your skin

Published: 26th September 2011
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Daily facial skin care routine begins with cleansing. As important as it is to thoroughly cleanse your skin, it can also be a very harsh procedure if the choice of product is wrong.

With so many cleansers in the market, it can be very hard to choose the right one. Often the ingredient list is very long and full of complicated names, most being synthetic and very harsh for the delicate facial skin.

What happens if your cleanser accidentally gets into your eye? If your eye stings and turns red, then your cleanser is the wrong one. It is not PH balanced. Simply put, cleansers that are not PH balanced do not match the natural PH (skin is naturally slightly acidic) of your skin, and thus these are very harsh and drying. A cleanser that stings your eyes is also naturally quite harsh to your skin.

If your skin feels dry and uncomfortably tight after cleansing, then your cleanser is the wrong one also. It most likely has sulfates, which are detergents used to make cleansers foam. Cleansers with sulfates in them rob the skin of its protective oils and hydration, leaving it parched (in the worst cases even minutely cracked), itchy, and flaky.

Here are 5 very useful tips that should help you make the right choice:

1. While choosing a cleanser be sure to choose one that is PH balanced. PH balanced cleansers are very gentle, yet quite effective in removing dirt, excess oils, and impurities. Look for "PH Balanced" on the label.

2. Pick a cleanser that is sulfate free. Sulfates are harsh chemicals that have been linked with excess dryness and allergic reactions. Both can result in premature aging of skin. Look for "Sulfate Free" on the label.

3. Pick a cleanser that has a short ingredient list. Long ingredient lists are extremely common, and since they are so ubiquitous they go unquestioned. The fact is that modern and safe formulations render the use of too many ingredients unnecessary. More ingredients do not mean a better product. On the contrary, it might just mean too many chemicals!

4. Pick a cleanser which has no artificial fragrance in it. Artificial fragrances too are very harsh chemicals, with potential of disturbing the balance of your skin, and making it prone to skin disorders.

5. Pick a cleanser with 100% natural active ingredients that are suitable for your skin type. Eg. Eucalyptus due to its astringent properties is an excellent active ingredient for combination skin.

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